Monday, August 16, 2010

Started a New Square for World of Charity Stitching Group

Yesterday I gathered the floss for a new square for WOCS and the floss for a square for Love Quilts.  I will try to do several days worth of stitching on one and then switch to the other.  The Love Quilts square is not due until mid-October, so I should have plenty of time to finish both.

Our group has signed up for a quilt to be donated to a woman at a nursing home made up of beautiful squares designed by Ellen Maurer-Stroh, which are the Flower of the Month freebies.  Her website is; there are lots of great freebie patterns. 

The ladies of our group have chosen the squares they wish to stitch and one member, Vicki, has already stitched hers and posted a picture - a colorful square of Violets. 

I have chosen the Larkspur chart, which is various shades of blue.  I started this morning while sitting on the back porch again, but had only a little while to stitch before we left for our exercise of playing senior volleyball.   I stitched a little bit before dinner (husband cooked tonight - yeah!) and will do some more stitching while "watching" television tonight.

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