Monday, September 27, 2010

Almost Finished the Foods Square for Love Quilts

I've been stitching long hours on the Fabulous Foods Love Quilts square and am almost finished.  I have one more small part to cross stitch and a little back stitching and then I am done, finally.  I had originally thought to stitch a loaf of french bread, but am so tired of this piece that it is not going to be stitched.

After this piece, I will try to start on a birth announcement for one of my nieces, who had a baby boy the first part of September.  They have decorated his room with old-time WWII airplane wallpaper and I am piecing together a pattern with a couple of airplanes,  and  a poem that my husband composed for baby Nathan Michael.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Still Working on the "Fabulous Foods" Quilt Square for Love Quilts

This is the update from last week when I started the wheat bread; I've finished two other breads, the Raisin Bun and the Sesame Seed Roll. 

I am getting really tired of the monotonous colors, but I have already committed to stitching this one and am half-way finished, so I will have to make myself finish it.  I think once it's done, I will be happy with it, but it is one I will never do again.   Sure wish I had a turbo needle (or that I could do the stitching while I am sleeping).

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Staying Motivated: Two Love Quilt Squares to Start and Finish before Dec. 1

There are two Love Quilt squares that I need to start and FINISH before December 1st.  One is a theme for Fabulous Foods and the other is Teenagers.  I found a nice freebie chart that I have pieced together on graft paper of several different types of breads:  rolls, wheat bread, french bread, cinnamon bun; I had to count and re-count several times to get the small pieces centered and in some type of order.  I hope it will look okay once I'm finished.

I took one of the charts to the bowling alley to start stitching-almost made us late due to cutting the cloth and getting the floss organized, but I did finish the loaf of bread and it looks okay so far.  Here's a picture of it, but I will post a picture of the completed piece later on.

Signing up for squares to stitch for the quilts and/or for World of Charity Stitching keeps me motivated and helps me to finish my projects - otherwise, I might have a lot of UFOs.  I usually like to complete a project before I start another one, though sometimes I do smaller pieces such as bookmarks or cards in between the larger ones.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Finished a Bookmark and Eyeglass Case Piece for WOCS

Over the weekend, I started and finished stitching a bookmark for a man:  an owl with baby owls.  I'll try to finish it up with the sewing and fringing sometime this week. Also finished a cute little saying with butterflies and flowers that I'll be making into an eyeglass case for a lady at the senior citizen's center that our charity supports.

I plan on gathering the floss and material for another bookmark or eyeglass case so I can start on it tonight while I "watch" television.

Will post the new pictures when I am done with all three.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Laborador Puppy Finished for Love Quilts

I finished the Love Quilts square for Carrie R., one of the children the ladies of this group are stitching and quilting for.  She loves dogs and has a brown Lab, so I thought this puppy was a good one for this quilt.  It's not due until October 15th, so I am really early on this one - don't know quite how that happened, but it's good because now I can start sooner on the one of the other two I have signed up for with Love Quilts.  I seem to sign up for too many of these squares sometimes, mainly because I enjoy stitching for this group and also they have a lot of variety with all the children they help with their beautiful quilts.  There are so many sick children who need something special made just for them.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Feature-Webshots slideshow of stitching

I have downloaded my personal stitching Webshots slideshow feature at the end of my blog to show some of my work that I have finished for the various charities for which I stitch. 

I had tried to place the slideshow on the right side of the page, but it was too large and didn't look right.

This idea is one from another blogger site that I viewed-can't remember which one, but thanks to the mystery stitcher for the slideshow idea.