Monday, August 23, 2010

Finished the EMS Larkspur Floral Beauty for World of Charity Stitching group and Started a New Square for Love Quilts

I finished the EMS Larkspur Floral Beauty over the weekend and started on the new Love Quilts square. Will post a picture of the EMS square as soon as it is washed, dried and ironed.  These designs are very easy to follow and don't take a lot of time to complete, especially with changing the floss colors all the time.  I love these EMS designs and will probably stitch more of them as time permits.

The new Love Quilts square I signed up for is a Laborador puppy on a windowsill with some geraniums in a flower box.  I think it will make a very nice square for the quilt being made for the little girl who loves dogs.  I had a hard time picking out an appropriate pattern, but found it finally in one of my older pamphlets.  This one has two dogs in the window, but I have shortened it down to just one, as it would have been too large for the Love Quilts requirements.

I had done a beautiful piece from these patterns several years ago for a friend who had three Laboradors living in the house with them.  The pattern was one with three dogs in a field.  I didn't take a picture of that one, like a lot of my work in the past, but now that I am keeping a record, I will take a photo of my new one for Love Quilts.


  1. Thanks for the nice reviews ladies. I love to stitch, as I'm sure most of you do also. Since I retired in 2006, I've had a lot more time to stitch and have become involved in two different charity websites - one is Love Quilts and the other is World of Charity Stitching, where I am now one of the co-owners. Even though WOCS is a very small group, we get a lot of stitching done for seniors in a nursing home and children in a domestic violence shelter.