Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dog with Doggie Bones - Finished 12/15/10

Last night at the bowling alley, I was stitching this cute little doggie piece for World of Charity Stitching group, and one of the lady bowlers (April) said it looked just like her little beagle that had died this past week.  Her husband came over and asked me who I was stitching that for and said she was having a really hard time with losing her "best friend", so I decided to give this piece to her husband as a gift for her to help with her loss.   Hopefully, I can have this finished by next Friday, our last day to bowl before the holidays, so he can give it to her as a gift.

On Friday, 12/17, I took the framed doggie piece to the bowling alley and April's husband gave it to her.  She came over and gave me a big hug, and said she was thrilled with it and would hang it in a special place in her home. 

I will pick out another dog chart to stitch for the World of Charity animal quilt theme probably after the holidays.


  1. Your work is beautiful I saw your post on Victoria Sampler and I have looked at a lot of your work. You are the true spirit of Christmas!!

    What a wonderful gift you gave its a great act of kindness I have some photos posted under the name
    Karen's Corner on (VS)

  2. What a beautiful Christmas story of giving. I can just see the smile on her face.

  3. Thanks for the kind words - stitching for others is one of my most loved forms of giving to others.