Sunday, September 12, 2010

Staying Motivated: Two Love Quilt Squares to Start and Finish before Dec. 1

There are two Love Quilt squares that I need to start and FINISH before December 1st.  One is a theme for Fabulous Foods and the other is Teenagers.  I found a nice freebie chart that I have pieced together on graft paper of several different types of breads:  rolls, wheat bread, french bread, cinnamon bun; I had to count and re-count several times to get the small pieces centered and in some type of order.  I hope it will look okay once I'm finished.

I took one of the charts to the bowling alley to start stitching-almost made us late due to cutting the cloth and getting the floss organized, but I did finish the loaf of bread and it looks okay so far.  Here's a picture of it, but I will post a picture of the completed piece later on.

Signing up for squares to stitch for the quilts and/or for World of Charity Stitching keeps me motivated and helps me to finish my projects - otherwise, I might have a lot of UFOs.  I usually like to complete a project before I start another one, though sometimes I do smaller pieces such as bookmarks or cards in between the larger ones.

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