Saturday, October 15, 2011

Look at What a Cute Little Owl I Won

I entered a recent giveaway that Lani was having and was one of the lucky winners.   Lani is the owner of the website called "create".  She sells these cute little owl business card holders at her Etsy Shop.  You can find her shop here.  She also has other items for sale, so please visit Lani at her shop. 
Can you believe that she really LOVES owls?  Actually, I love them too and am a collector of owl figurines and photos.  We even had a beautiful little Eastern Screech Owl visit our backyard several years ago.  My husband took several pictures and my mother even had an "owl" mouse pad made for me as a gift from one of the photos.

I'm also working on a Stitch-a-long with the ladies of Tonia's group at OakHaven Designs.  Tonia designs these cute little monthly owls as freebies for her group members.  I am currently working on July's owl (I know, I'm a little bit behind.)  When I am finished, I plan on creating a nice fabric wall hanging, but I still need to find the perfect coordinating fabric.

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