Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Smalls SAL update

 Two Garden Bunnies stitched for Love Quilts USA
 A Dachshund for a Dog Quilt for World of Charity Stitching.

 I've been working on a monthly series of cute little kittens, which I'll make into a wall hanging when they are finished.  I've enjoyed stitching these small charts. 

And the November Snowflowers Diaries SAL.  Only one more to stitch for this year.  I plan to make all of these squares into a quilt for charity.

I've been doing some personal stitching for an upcoming grandson, Jayden Thomas, due any day now.  We are leaving on a trip to visit with the family and new grand baby, starting tomorrow.   Of course, I will be taking a couple of stitching projects along for the long ride to South Florida.  


  1. Wow! So many wonderful projects. Congratulations!

  2. It is such a wonderful thing you do - Stitching for Charity. Thank you

  3. Such a lot of wonderful finishes over the last few months. I especially like your calendar of kittens and can't wait to see them made up into a wall hanging. :)