Saturday, May 18, 2013

Quilt Tops for World of Charity Stitching

I've been working on some new projects this year.  I've been sewing some of the quilt tops for my group, World of Charity Stitching.   Bonnie C., our quilter, designed and cut out all the fabrics.  I am helping her by sewing the tops together.  After they are finished, I give them back to Bonnie for her to finish the quilting process.

When Bonnie approached me about helping out, I wasn't too sure about taking on this task, but I confess that I have enjoyed seeing the quilt tops come together.  She has given me detailed instructions on what to do to make the quilts, as I have never made a quilt before. 

I'm currently working on a Loony Tunes quilt top, which is quite a bit more challenging, as it is made of triangles. 

The Quilting Gallery is having a quilt contest next week and I plan on entering our Flower Quilt top.  


  1. You have done awesome work. I am scared but I plan to do one for you next year.

  2. They all look great Peggy, but I have to say I particularly like the fish one, it's so colorful.