Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Butterfly for Ila, A Little Angel

The beautiful swallowtail butterfly I stitched to be part of a quilt for a little girl named Ila will be given to her family when it is finished.  Sadly, Ila passed away a few days ago before the quilt was finished.  The Love Quilts ladies will be sending it to her family as a reminder that there are people who love others, even though they have never met. 

It makes me sad to think of this little girl never growing up to marry, have a family of her own, and live a full life.  But I know that Ila's family is thankful that she was a part of their lives for the time that God gave them.

This is a reminder to everyone (myself included) that life is short and we should all strive to help others and be the best person we can be.


  1. Dear Peggy,

    I am truly sorry for little girl who became an angel and condolences to her family. I am very touched by what you've written.

    Life indeed is very short and time goes such as blink of an eye. Therefore each moment is very precious.

    Hope you will finish the quilts soon. I think, such things may help her mother to arrange a little room in her heart to find peace at least.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. The butterfly is beautiful, the story is so sad.

  3. Oh Peggy, what a terribly sad story. I alway find it is sadder when children pass away as I too think about what they will miss in life & joy that their lives would have bought to their loved ones. I love your butterfly. I think that it is a lovely idea to finish the quilt for the family. Life is indeed too short!

  4. Hello

    I'm new to your blog.

    What a sad story, but I'm so glad that the little girl's family will still be given the quilt.

    The butterfly is beautiful.
    You have done some lovely squares and bibs.