Sunday, January 22, 2012

Resolved to Sew 2012

 Very Berry Handmade is hosting a giveaway titled Resolved to Sew 2012. 

I haven't really done a lot of sewing these past years, except for my group, World of Charity Stitching.  I used to sew all the time when I was younger, even made a couple of dresses, pants, shirts, pillows, curtains, etc. 

This past year my sweet husband replaced my old worn-out Singer with a brand new Jenome sewing machine and I really love it.  I have made several tote bags, walker bags, wheelchair bags, therapy pillows, and other items for the seniors and children of the charities our group helps.

I have downloaded several new patterns I want to try this year and I hope to be able to make some nice items for our group to donate to charity. 

Cross stitching is my favorite hobby, but sewing for my group is fun too. 


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