Saturday, May 14, 2011

My First Altoid Tin Creation

Our group, World of Charity  Stitching, is making some of these Altoid tins for the seniors and children to put whatever they like inside.  This was my first try at one and it was a bit off-centered, so I asked for and received some excellent advise from the members of my group.  Someone had suggested putting a button, flower or some beads to help make it more centered.  I found this cute little rose that was donated to me by one of our group members a while back and it was perfect (thanks SharonM).  

I also received help in marking the cardboard piece and centering my next design so I won'thave to look for something to add.   Thanks to all the ladies who offered advice-without it I may have given up this little craft, but I think I can do this again.  I already have another small piece stitched and a tin ready to go.

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